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Jump start your single life?       

DateMe.Solutions develops professional profiles and

 photographs, while serving you as a 

 Single-Life Coach 

Present the best you

  • Equipping you for dating sites

  • Finding a dating site that is the best for you

  • Methods of finding and securing quality dates

  • Attract a better quality and quantity of prospective mates

  • Present the best "you" through professional image consulting

  • Information that should/should not be disclosed about yourself


Leave the old life behind...

Discover a new and vibrant life

Image Consulting

Is your image current?

Wardrobe, hair style, and makeup all affect your overall image.  Your image primarily  determines the  type of male or female  that you will attract online. 

About Me

Several years ago, I became single and discovered that I had forgotten who “I” was, what “I” liked, as well as the things that made my life worth living.  A journey of self-discovery answered those questions and more.  In addition, I analyzed the type of men whom I found a mutual attraction and discovered why we were attracted to one another with consideration for what worked and did not.  I have established a focused and  targeted method of finding suitable mates.   I reinvented my true self for a life that is full of vitality and passion.

Most of my life I have been a coach and I want to be your cheerleader, as well

as helping you to rediscover your true self and the right mate. 

You can find your life full of vigor and joy!


Professional Photography

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Photography Has Been Displayed in National Magazines


Date Me Solutions created a profile and photographs that define who I am and the life that want to share with Ms. Right. As a result of my improved image, coaching and  defining the "Real Me" I have attracted a better quality and quantity of potential mates. 

"When you go fishing remember to use the right bait"

Don B.

Wandering Traveler

Finding our new self

    is a journey

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45-minute Personal Zoom Meeting

about upscale personal dating profiles, image consulting, photography

$69.99 initial consult

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1-hour photography session

Starting at $399.00

Holding Hands

Custom Dating Profile

45-minute Personal Zoom Meeting and custom profile suitable for online dating.



Executive Package

In-person interview, profile, photography. Start your dating off right.

Starting at $499.00